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U.S. Insider Buying for Thursday, May 9
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
DIS Walt DisneyJames P Gorman DirectorBuy20,000 shares @ $106.03$2,120,600.005/8/2024$105.80right arrow
ERII Energy RecoveryDavid W Moon CEOBuy10,500 shares @ $13.46$141,330.005/7/2024$13.96right arrow
IHT InnSuites Hospitality TrustJames F Wirth CEOBuy300 shares @ $400.81$120,243.005/7/2024$1.34right arrow
PPG PPG IndustriesTimothy M Knavish CEOBuy2,061 shares @ $133.24$274,607.645/8/2024$135.33right arrow
SABR SabreKurt Joseph Ekert CEOBuy65,000 shares @ $2.57$167,050.005/8/2024$2.85right arrow
TRUP TrupanionDarryl Rawlings CEOBuy20,700 shares @ $24.14$499,698.005/7/2024$25.80right arrow

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U.S. Insider Selling for Thursday, May 9
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
ADCT ADC TherapeuticsAmeet Mallik CEOSell29,731 shares @ $4.48$133,194.885/7/2024$4.30right arrow
ALKT Alkami TechnologyAtlantic Genpar (Bermu General DirectorSell1,542,821 shares @ $26.53$40,931,041.135/7/2024$26.08right arrow
ALTR Altair EngineeringGeorge J Christ Major ShareholderSell87,217 shares @ $85.12$7,423,911.045/8/2024$85.64right arrow
APLS Apellis PharmaceuticalsPascal Deschatelets InsiderSell78,907 shares @ $42.35$3,341,711.455/8/2024$41.99right arrow
AR Antero ResourcesW Howard Keenan Jr DirectorSell100,000 shares @ $34.53$3,453,000.005/7/2024$33.31right arrow
AR Antero ResourcesW Howard Keenan Jr DirectorSell300,000 shares @ $34.23$10,269,000.005/9/2024$33.31right arrow
ARDX ArdelyxRobert Ora Felsch InsiderSell207,988 shares @ $8.81$1,832,374.285/6/2024$7.77right arrow
BFAM Bright Horizons Family SolutionsJason Janoff CAOSell6,000 shares @ $113.79$682,740.005/8/2024$112.60right arrow
BK Bank of New York MellonSenthilkumar Santhanakrishnan VPSell15,643 shares @ $57.65$901,818.955/8/2024$58.44right arrow
BK Bank of New York MellonKurtis R Kurimsky InsiderSell6,215 shares @ $57.93$360,034.955/7/2024$58.44right arrow
BKNG BookingPaulo Pisano InsiderSell227 shares @ $3,580.75$812,830.255/7/2024$3,805.75right arrow
BSRR Sierra BancorpMichael Olague EVPSell4,753 shares @ $22.29$105,944.375/9/2024$22.06right arrow
BSY Bentley SystemsKeith A Bentley DirectorSell118,949 shares @ $55.01$6,543,384.495/7/2024$55.48right arrow
CB ChubbJohn W Keogh COOSell34,707 shares @ $251.98$8,745,469.865/8/2024$254.84right arrow
CELH CelsiusPaul H Storey InsiderSell1,833 shares @ $75.43$138,263.195/7/2024$82.81right arrow
CHD Church & DwightRobert K Shearer DirectorSell13,200 shares @ $106.36$1,403,952.005/8/2024$107.31right arrow
CL Colgate-PalmoliveJohn W Kooyman InsiderSell3,497 shares @ $93.47$326,864.595/7/2024$95.10right arrow
CME CME GroupHilda Harris Piell InsiderSell7,140 shares @ $210.35$1,501,899.005/8/2024$208.46right arrow
COF Capital One FinancialCelia Karam InsiderSell16,913 shares @ $142.88$2,416,529.445/8/2024$142.55right arrow
COOP Mr. Cooper GroupMichael R Rawls CEOSell27,000 shares @ $82.18$2,218,860.005/7/2024$83.97right arrow
CRM SalesforceMarc Benioff CEOSell15,000 shares @ $278.63$4,179,450.005/8/2024$276.70right arrow
CTAS CintasJim Rozakis COOSell1,318 shares @ $693.71$914,309.785/7/2024$700.27right arrow
CTAS CintasRonald W Tysoe DirectorSell2,291 shares @ $693.95$1,589,839.455/7/2024$700.27right arrow
DAL Delta Air LinesJoanne D Smith EVPSell4,846 shares @ $52.30$253,445.805/8/2024$52.59right arrow
DAVE Famous Dave's of America32 Fund 1 Lp Section Major ShareholderSell450,000 shares @ $48.90$22,005,000.005/7/2024$49.09right arrow
DIS Walt DisneySonia L. Coleman EVPSell4,400 shares @ $106.00$466,400.005/9/2024$105.80right arrow
ENVA Enova InternationalDavid Fisher CEOSell20,000 shares @ $62.72$1,254,400.005/7/2024$63.16right arrow
ETN EatonPeter Denk InsiderSell2,416 shares @ $331.84$801,725.445/8/2024$330.54right arrow
ETR EntergyHaley Fisackerly InsiderSell1,500 shares @ $110.23$165,345.005/8/2024$112.02right arrow
FIGS FIGSHeather L Hasson InsiderSell28,614 shares @ $4.89$139,922.465/7/2024$5.39right arrow
FIX Comfort Systems USADarcy Anderson DirectorSell3,500 shares @ $344.90$1,207,150.005/7/2024$344.80right arrow
FLEX FlexKwang Hooi Tan InsiderSell8,027 shares @ $29.29$235,110.835/7/2024$28.66right arrow
FLEX FlexKwang Hooi Tan InsiderSell14,599 shares @ $28.65$418,261.355/9/2024$28.66right arrow
FLEX FlexDavid Scott Offer EVPSell34,097 shares @ $28.65$976,879.055/9/2024$28.66right arrow
FLEX FlexPaul Lundstrom CFOSell35,733 shares @ $28.65$1,023,750.455/9/2024$28.66right arrow
FLEX FlexRevathi Advaithi CEOSell161,052 shares @ $28.65$4,614,139.805/9/2024$28.66right arrow
FND Floor & DecorPeter Starrett DirectorSell5,000 shares @ $118.24$591,200.005/7/2024$121.52right arrow
GCT GigaCloud TechnologyLei Wu CEOSell62,000 shares @ $38.77$2,403,740.005/8/2024$37.35right arrow
GDYN Grid DynamicsLeonard Livschitz CEOSell10,000 shares @ $10.68$106,800.005/7/2024$10.23right arrow
HAL HalliburtonJeffrey Shannon Slocum InsiderSell38,941 shares @ $36.92$1,437,701.725/7/2024$37.06right arrow
HAL HalliburtonVan H Beckwith EVPSell10,000 shares @ $36.92$369,200.005/7/2024$37.06right arrow
HAL HalliburtonJill D Sharp SVPSell3,346 shares @ $37.00$123,802.005/7/2024$37.06right arrow
IESC IESMatthew J Simmes COOSell14,000 shares @ $170.52$2,387,280.005/7/2024$182.31right arrow
INGR IngredionLarry Fernandes SVPSell2,369 shares @ $119.11$282,171.595/9/2024$120.22right arrow
INTA IntappThad Jampol InsiderSell20,000 shares @ $35.26$705,200.005/8/2024$37.74right arrow
IOT SamsaraJohn Bicket InsiderSell71,521 shares @ $38.17$2,729,956.575/7/2024$39.85right arrow
IOT SamsaraSanjit Biswas CEOSell71,266 shares @ $38.17$2,720,223.225/7/2024$39.85right arrow
ITGR IntegerAndrew Senn SVPSell5,000 shares @ $113.14$565,700.005/7/2024$113.95right arrow
KEX KirbyRonald A Dragg VPSell1,570 shares @ $112.28$176,279.605/7/2024$114.97right arrow
KLAC KLARichard P Wallace CEOSell14,009 shares @ $716.63$10,039,269.675/7/2024$718.27right arrow
LEVI Levi Strauss & Co.Harmit J Singh EVPSell346,555 shares @ $22.21$7,696,986.555/7/2024$22.61right arrow
LFUS LittelfuseRyan K Stafford EVPSell2,219 shares @ $256.33$568,796.275/8/2024$256.86right arrow
MA MastercardFoundation Mastercard Major ShareholderSell151,000 shares @ $452.55$68,335,050.005/8/2024$456.78right arrow
MAT MattelZanatta Roberto Jacobo Isaias EVPSell21,655 shares @ $18.83$407,763.655/7/2024$18.66right arrow
MAX MediaAlphaMountains Insurance Grou White Major ShareholderSell5,000,200 shares @ $19.00$95,003,800.005/7/2024$19.92right arrow
MEG Montrose Environmental GroupVijay Manthripragada CEOSell12,500 shares @ $46.51$581,375.005/6/2024$43.83right arrow
META Meta PlatformsJennifer Newstead InsiderSell576 shares @ $466.33$268,606.085/7/2024$476.20right arrow
MPWR Monolithic Power SystemsSaria Tseng EVPSell869 shares @ $690.02$599,627.385/8/2024$702.54right arrow
MPWR Monolithic Power SystemsTheodore Blegen CFOSell737 shares @ $689.98$508,515.265/8/2024$702.54right arrow
MPWR Monolithic Power SystemsMichael Hsing CEOSell2,824 shares @ $690.00$1,948,560.005/8/2024$702.54right arrow
MSI Motorola SolutionsKatherine A Maher CAOSell2,615 shares @ $354.68$927,488.205/7/2024$362.77right arrow
MSI Motorola SolutionsJames A Niewiara SVPSell810 shares @ $358.09$290,052.905/7/2024$362.77right arrow
MTSI MACOM Technology SolutionsSusan Ocampo DirectorSell75,000 shares @ $103.02$7,726,500.005/7/2024$101.94right arrow
MTSI MACOM Technology SolutionsJohn Kober CFOSell13,666 shares @ $102.98$1,407,324.685/7/2024$101.94right arrow
MU Micron TechnologySanjay Mehrotra CEOSell7,000 shares @ $120.32$842,240.005/7/2024$121.24right arrow
NET CloudflareCarl Ledbetter DirectorSell30,145 shares @ $72.86$2,196,364.705/8/2024$71.90right arrow
NOW ServiceNowPaul John Smith InsiderSell190 shares @ $718.78$136,568.205/8/2024$729.79right arrow
NVR NVRMatthew B Kelpy CAOSell200 shares @ $7,700.00$1,540,000.005/7/2024$7,655.39right arrow
NVR NVRWilliam Grady Rosier DirectorSell600 shares @ $7,665.63$4,599,378.005/8/2024$7,655.39right arrow
OLED Universal DisplayJulia J Brown EVPSell10,358 shares @ $175.00$1,812,650.005/8/2024$171.08right arrow
OLED Universal DisplayMauro Premutico SVPSell8,202 shares @ $176.82$1,450,277.645/7/2024$171.08right arrow
OSBC Old Second BancorpGary S Collins Vice ChairmanSell21,002 shares @ $14.23$298,858.465/8/2024$14.57right arrow
PCAR PACCARR Preston Feight CEOSell33,850 shares @ $106.18$3,594,193.005/7/2024$109.18right arrow
PLXS PlexusPatrick John Jermain CFOSell2,000 shares @ $107.00$214,000.005/7/2024$107.95right arrow
PRU Prudential FinancialTimothy L Schmidt SVPSell5,189 shares @ $116.58$604,933.625/8/2024$118.83right arrow
PSMT PriceSmartSherry S Bahrambeygui DirectorSell2,000 shares @ $84.56$169,120.005/7/2024$84.89right arrow
Ryder SystemJohn S Sensing InsiderSell11,920 shares @ $126.12$1,503,350.405/7/2024$126.64right arrow
RHI Robert HalfDirk A Kempthorne DirectorSell2,221 shares @ $69.66$154,714.865/8/2024$70.76right arrow
RMD ResMedMichael J Farrell CEOSell14,683 shares @ $216.50$3,178,869.505/7/2024$213.82right arrow
SAH Sonic AutomotiveDavid Bruton Smith CEOSell67,703 shares @ $58.43$3,955,886.295/9/2024$58.06right arrow
SMG Scotts Miracle-GroHagedorn Partnership, L.P. DirectorSell31,000 shares @ $69.67$2,159,770.005/7/2024$68.68right arrow
SPRY ARS PharmaceuticalsSarina Tanimoto InsiderSell100,000 shares @ $9.34$934,000.005/7/2024$8.74right arrow
TDW TidewaterDaniel A Hudson EVPSell20,000 shares @ $109.00$2,180,000.005/9/2024$104.76right arrow
TDW TidewaterSamuel R Rubio CFOSell24,396 shares @ $107.39$2,619,886.445/8/2024$104.76right arrow
TDW TidewaterQuintin Kneen CEOSell150,000 shares @ $109.01$16,351,500.005/7/2024$104.76right arrow
TDW TidewaterDavid E Darling COOSell25,127 shares @ $109.01$2,739,094.275/7/2024$104.76right arrow
TEAM AtlassianMichael Cannon-Brookes CEOSell8,241 shares @ $178.93$1,474,562.135/8/2024$179.75right arrow
THC Tenet HealthcareRichard W Fisher DirectorSell2,500 shares @ $123.20$308,000.005/7/2024$127.12right arrow
TMUS T-Mobile USTelekom Ag Deutsche DirectorSell189,670 shares @ $163.21$30,956,040.705/8/2024$164.20right arrow
TOST ToastElena Gomez CFOSell12,500 shares @ $26.39$329,875.005/8/2024$26.84right arrow
TRGP Targa ResourcesCharles R Crisp DirectorSell7,000 shares @ $112.54$787,780.005/8/2024$113.20right arrow
TRGP Targa ResourcesJulie H Boushka CAOSell2,691 shares @ $113.00$304,083.005/7/2024$113.20right arrow
TYL Tyler TechnologiesH Lynn Moore Jr CEOSell5,250 shares @ $481.83$2,529,607.505/7/2024$484.72right arrow
UFPI UFP IndustriesBruce A Merino DirectorSell16,472 shares @ $117.88$1,941,719.365/8/2024$118.08right arrow
UNM Unum GroupTimothy F Keaney DirectorSell8,000 shares @ $52.61$420,880.005/7/2024$53.10right arrow
UNM Unum GroupChristopher W Pyne EVPSell4,500 shares @ $52.47$236,115.005/7/2024$53.10right arrow
USAC USA Compression PartnersVeteran Equity Aggregator Eig Major ShareholderSell24,565 shares @ $24.87$610,931.555/7/2024$24.52right arrow
USAC USA Compression PartnersVeteran Equity Aggregator Eig Major ShareholderSell9,713 shares @ $25.14$244,184.825/9/2024$24.52right arrow
WCC WESCO InternationalEquity Investors Vii L Green Major ShareholderSell1,750,000 shares @ $173.02$302,785,000.005/7/2024$175.87right arrow
WHD CactusWilliam D Marsh EVPSell2,059 shares @ $51.03$105,070.775/9/2024$50.69right arrow
WHD CactusJoel Bender PresidentSell201,585 shares @ $52.03$10,488,467.555/7/2024$50.69right arrow
WHD CactusJoel Bender PresidentSell358,458 shares @ $51.10$18,317,203.805/9/2024$50.69right arrow
WHD CactusScott Bender CEOSell39,957 shares @ $51.01$2,038,206.575/8/2024$50.69right arrow
WSFS WSFS FinancialStephen P Clark EVPSell3,000 shares @ $46.61$139,830.005/7/2024$46.18right arrow
WST West Pharmaceutical ServicesEric Mark Green CEOSell66,000 shares @ $366.65$24,198,900.005/7/2024$364.19right arrow
WTM White Mountains Insurance GroupMountains Insurance Grou White Major ShareholderSell5,000,200 shares @ $19.00$95,003,800.005/7/2024$1,845.92right arrow

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Top Insider-Buying Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares PurchasedTotal Cost of Shares PurchasedNumber of Insider PurchasesNumber of Insiders BuyingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
ULS UL Solutions199,997$5,599,916.0066$36.68Moderate Buy$40.30right arrow
YORW York Water364$12,626.0055$38.45$0.00right arrow
MAC Macerich163,365$2,358,681.0055$15.28Reduce$14.83right arrow
SHEN Shenandoah Telecommunications23,963$354,545.0055$16.90Moderate Buy$25.00right arrow
ED Consolidated Edison105$9,912.0055$97.66Reduce$88.46right arrow
HNVR Hanover Bancorp3,550$59,724.0075$16.50Buy$21.00right arrow
HXL Hexcel43,400$2,820,322.0055$72.03Hold$77.57right arrow
HWBK Hawthorn Bancshares23,500$457,135.0044$19.71$0.00right arrow
HI Hillenbrand6,537$278,193.0054$43.85Strong Buy$61.00right arrow
FFIN First Financial Bankshares3,943$119,986.0054$30.87Hold$31.33right arrow

Top Insider-Selling Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares SoldTotal Cost of Shares SoldNumber of Insider SalesNumber of Insiders SellingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
CVNA Carvana510,482$51,853,606.00159$116.93Hold$77.60right arrow
ALTR Altair Engineering94,031$7,997,897.0077$85.64Moderate Buy$94.60right arrow
PHR Phreesia12,527$286,488.0097$21.37Moderate Buy$31.62right arrow
SCHW Charles Schwab463,393$34,504,899.00147$76.10Hold$74.47right arrow
TMDX TransMedics Group217,704$25,138,451.00106$129.98Moderate Buy$119.00right arrow
PI Impinj65,687$9,756,829.00106$160.27Moderate Buy$132.89right arrow
NTRA Natera101,500$9,254,913.00116$105.29Buy$87.86right arrow
IBTA iShares iBonds Dec 2021 Term Treasury ETF1,819,289$160,097,432.0066$102.57N/A$0.00right arrow
ANET Arista Networks25,316$7,170,311.0066$314.10Moderate Buy$293.00right arrow
APOG Apogee Enterprises77,252$4,786,214.0076$66.88$50.00right arrow

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