Revolutionizing the Green Energy Space and Building Shareholder Value Along the Way

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"STRONG BUY" on this NASDAQ-traded Green Energy Company!................................................................................


It's time to wean off Chinese lithium and one under-the-radar NASDAQ-traded company is helping to make this possible!

Global demand for batteries is increasing, driven largely by the imperative to reduce climate change through electrification of mobility and the broader energy transition. The global demand for lithium-ion batteries is poised for an unprecedented surge in the next decade. By 2030, the requirement is projected to skyrocket from about 700 GWh in 2022 to approximately 4.7 TWh. 

One NASDAQ-traded small-cap company is at the forefront of the lithium boom as a domestic industrial leader in green energy storage and the maker of game-changing Battle Born Batteries®. With non-toxic chemistry which allows for reduced environmental concerns over the disposal and handling of battery packs, this may be the smartest way to get exposure to the green boom!

Through its renowned Battle Born Batteries® brand, this company has established itself as a frontrunner in the lithium battery industry, with hundreds of thousands of reliable battery packs deployed in the field through top-tier OEMs and a diverse retail customer base. Notable celebrity customers include Pawn Star's Rick Harrison, former MLB player Barry Bonds, and comedian Tom Green, among others! There is a massive market opportunity for the company to the tune of $85 billion by 2025; a market that is fueled by IRA and supply chain constraints.  This U.S.-based company is seeing profits with a whopping $225M in revenue since 2022 and 2024 could be another year of stellar growth!

Discover Why Zacks Small Cap Research Issued a "STRONG BUY" Rating on this Little-Known NASDAQ-traded Green Energy Company!

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