The Best Communications Stock to Watch in 2024.

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Little-known NASDAQ company is offering a game-changer in mission-critical push-to-talk over cellular technology.


The mission-critical Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) industry is growing fast. The space is experiencing rapid growth, with a forecasted global PoC growth of approximately 9.4% CAGR, reaching approximately $6.95 billion by 2027. One emerging NASDAQ company is leading the charge in next-generation mission-critical push to talk solutions for global first responders, enterprise customers, and so much more!

There are many problems with Land Mobile Radio (LMR), or two-way radios. This includes a limited range, restricted functionality, and high costs.  Push-to-talk over cellular however delivers next-generation communication technology that has a wider range, better functionality, and a low cost. With its innovative solutions, this company is targeting to displace the multi-billion market of Land Mobile Radio industry leaders, which includes Motorola Solutions, Inc., L3 Harris Technologies, Inc., and JVC Kenwood Corp.! The company's unique approach of offering an affordable mission-critical PTT over a cellular handset that looks and operates like a two-way radio may allow first responder agencies to equip more of their staff than ever before with a reliable and easy-to-use handset to keep more staff connected. 


Discover how this company has earned a solid reputation for reliability and versatility and with rising budget cuts, may be just the solution that state and local governments are looking for!




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