The Billionaire Sitting Next to Trump Goes “All In” on AI

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Dear Reader,

The world’s most successful investor is a tech entrepreneur extraordinaire…

He’s already made gains of 200,000% … 499,000% … and even 3,250,000% on tech startups over the last two decades.

Known to his friends as simply Pete, his clout in the tech world is unmatched…

And his influence on both Congress and the Whitehouse goes right to the very top.

In fact, one of his AI company’s earliest investors was the CIA’s venture capital arm called In-Q-Tel … named after Q, the fictional character who makes gadgets for James Bond.

Soon, an alphabet soup of 30 government agencies would entrust the company with their most sensitive information.

Its technology is even being used to safeguard the U.S. nuclear stockpile.

Bottom line: It doesn’t matter if you have $25 … or $25,000 million to invest.

You can benefit from the information in this video.

Click here now for the details you need to know before investing in the one tiny AI company I believe has the most explosive profit potential.

To Your Profits,

Adam O'Dell
Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets


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