This Microcap Could Be Key to U.S. Drone Superiority

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Fellow Reader,

The Department of Defense just granted a major advantage to a small UAV provider.

Since 1998, this Nasdaq-listed company has been supplying drones for civilian, enterprise, and military purposes.

  • From providing medical supplies to the sites of emergencies...
  • To helping clear mines through sophisticated thermal imaging of mine fields...
  • To aiding in fire rescue, identifying potential danger-zones for firefighters...

They have delivered transformative drone solutions for 25 years.

And now, with the recent certification of three premier drone systems by the DoD, the company has gained a significant competitive edge.

That includes an innovative FPV drone - a 'first of its kind' for the Department of Defense.

FPV drones are known for their speed, maneuverability and "feeling" of immersion, providing a first-person-view for the operator - almost like being inside a fighter jet cockpit.

They're also miniature in size, ranging from just 4 inches to 9 inches wide.

But despite their small size, they pack a major punch - capable of carrying payloads up to 6.5 pounds and traveling at speeds of nearly 100 miles an hour.

In short, these specialized drones could be a game-changer for defense operations.

And this company currently has the only FPV drone to have undergone their rigorous certification process.

Click here to see how this unique advantage could catapult growth... and position it as a drone supplier to the U.S. Military.

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