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U.S. Insider Buying for Wednesday, May 8
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
AMH American Homes 4 RentJack E Corrigan DirectorBuy10,000 shares @ $22.78$227,800.005/6/2024$36.40right arrow
AXS AXIS CapitalW Marston Becker DirectorBuy3,025 shares @ $66.58$201,404.505/6/2024$69.99right arrow
CNMD CONMEDMartha Goldberg Aronson DirectorBuy2,000 shares @ $70.98$141,960.005/6/2024$70.35right arrow
CTOS Custom Truck One SourceMarshall Heinberg DirectorBuy40,000 shares @ $4.07$162,800.005/7/2024$4.52right arrow
EYPT EyePoint PharmaceuticalsCormorant Asset Management, Lp Major ShareholderBuy850,000 shares @ $11.86$10,081,000.005/6/2024$12.67right arrow
MAC MacerichDoug J Healey EVPBuy7,500 shares @ $15.20$114,000.005/7/2024$15.49right arrow
MDU MDU Resources GroupRob L Johnson InsiderBuy36,291 shares @ $25.46$923,968.865/7/2024$25.55right arrow
PENN PENN EntertainmentFelicia Hendrix CFOBuy16,157 shares @ $15.47$249,948.795/6/2024$16.24right arrow
PENN PENN EntertainmentDavid A Handler DirectorBuy20,000 shares @ $15.37$307,400.005/6/2024$16.24right arrow
RM Regional ManagementBasswood Capital Management, L DirectorBuy8,091 shares @ $30.04$243,053.645/6/2024$29.93right arrow
SHEN Shenandoah TelecommunicationsChristopher E French CEOBuy11,000 shares @ $14.69$161,590.005/7/2024$17.10right arrow
SRI StoneridgeJames Zizelman CEOBuy6,500 shares @ $15.72$102,180.005/7/2024$16.05right arrow
TRS TriMasHerbert K Parker DirectorBuy6,100 shares @ $26.52$161,772.005/6/2024$26.89right arrow
TRS TriMasHerbert K Parker DirectorBuy6,000 shares @ $26.27$157,620.005/8/2024$26.89right arrow
VSTS VestisCorvex Management Lp Major ShareholderBuy1,828,009 shares @ $9.54$17,439,205.865/6/2024$11.58right arrow
VSTS VestisCorvex Management Lp Major ShareholderBuy622,346 shares @ $10.43$6,491,068.785/8/2024$11.58right arrow

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U.S. Insider Selling for Wednesday, May 8
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
ABT Abbott LaboratoriesLisa D Earnhardt EVPSell22,852 shares @ $106.25$2,428,025.005/7/2024$104.67right arrow
ACU Acme UnitedBrian S Olschan COOSell5,566 shares @ $42.93$238,948.385/6/2024$41.57right arrow
AIR AARChristopher A Jessup SVPSell15,929 shares @ $70.09$1,116,463.615/6/2024$72.09right arrow
AIR AAREric Pachapa CAOSell5,121 shares @ $70.96$363,386.165/6/2024$72.09right arrow
ALKT Alkami TechnologyDouglas A Linebarger InsiderSell71,030 shares @ $26.83$1,905,734.905/6/2024$26.37right arrow
ALXO ALX OncologyJaume Pons InsiderSell20,000 shares @ $15.92$318,400.005/6/2024$16.95right arrow
AMJ JPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETNAshley Bacon InsiderSell5,086 shares @ $193.64$984,853.045/8/2024$28.82right arrow
AMJ JPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETNMary E Erdoes CEOSell15,895 shares @ $193.66$3,078,225.705/8/2024$28.82right arrow
AMJB Alerian MLP Index ETNs due January 28, 2044Mary E Erdoes CEOSell15,895 shares @ $193.66$3,078,225.705/8/2024$28.33right arrow
AMJB Alerian MLP Index ETNs due January 28, 2044Ashley Bacon InsiderSell5,086 shares @ $193.64$984,853.045/8/2024$28.33right arrow
AMZN Amazon.comKeith Brian Alexander DirectorSell1,000 shares @ $186.22$186,220.005/6/2024$189.50right arrow
APG APi GroupIan G H Ashken DirectorSell150,000 shares @ $37.21$5,581,500.005/6/2024$37.59right arrow
ASPN Aspen AerogelsCorby C Whitaker SVPSell55,159 shares @ $25.01$1,379,526.595/6/2024$26.71right arrow
BFAM Bright Horizons Family SolutionsStephen Howard Kramer CEOSell11,250 shares @ $113.95$1,281,937.505/8/2024$113.14right arrow
BHE Benchmark ElectronicsJeffrey Stephen Mccreary DirectorSell10,000 shares @ $39.49$394,900.005/8/2024$39.82right arrow
BHE Benchmark ElectronicsJan M Janick SVPSell6,777 shares @ $38.87$263,421.995/7/2024$39.82right arrow
BSX Boston ScientificCharles J. Dockendorff DirectorSell3,946 shares @ $72.70$286,874.205/7/2024$74.10right arrow
BZH Beazer Homes USAKeith L Belknap Jr EVPSell15,000 shares @ $28.31$424,650.005/6/2024$28.69right arrow
CAL CaleresJohn W Schmidt CEOSell25,332 shares @ $37.63$953,243.165/6/2024$39.53right arrow
CASH Pathward FinancialKendall E Stork DirectorSell2,000 shares @ $53.53$107,060.005/6/2024$53.82right arrow
CDE Coeur MiningSebastian Edwards DirectorSell20,000 shares @ $5.08$101,600.005/7/2024$5.49right arrow
CGEM Cullinan OncologyJennifer Michaelson InsiderSell58,000 shares @ $28.07$1,628,060.005/6/2024$27.17right arrow
CMI CumminsSharon R Barner VPSell3,880 shares @ $286.86$1,113,016.805/7/2024$294.58right arrow
CNA CNA FinancialDaniel Paul Franzetti CAOSell23,301 shares @ $44.78$1,043,418.785/8/2024$44.81right arrow
CRM SalesforceParker Harris InsiderSell4,200 shares @ $277.22$1,164,324.005/7/2024$275.17right arrow
CSTL Castle BiosciencesDaniel Bradbury DirectorSell23,323 shares @ $24.64$574,678.725/6/2024$24.42right arrow
CTVA CortevaBrian Titus InsiderSell12,134 shares @ $56.65$687,391.105/6/2024$57.83right arrow
CVNA CarvanaGregory B Sullivan DirectorSell5,000 shares @ $120.90$604,500.005/7/2024$120.41right arrow
CVNA CarvanaDaniel J Gill InsiderSell26,930 shares @ $125.08$3,368,404.405/6/2024$120.41right arrow
CVNA CarvanaRyan S Keeton InsiderSell14,686 shares @ $114.02$1,674,497.725/8/2024$120.41right arrow
CVNA CarvanaErnest C Garcia II Major ShareholderSell75,000 shares @ $125.43$9,407,250.005/6/2024$120.41right arrow
DDOG DatadogOlivier Pomel CEOSell85,637 shares @ $125.41$10,739,736.175/6/2024$115.87right arrow
DFIN Donnelley Financial SolutionsJeffrey Jacobowitz DirectorSell132,056 shares @ $63.62$8,401,402.725/6/2024$62.26right arrow
DFIN Donnelley Financial SolutionsJeffrey Jacobowitz DirectorSell106,093 shares @ $62.36$6,615,959.485/8/2024$62.26right arrow
ECL EcolabArthur J Higgins DirectorSell4,500 shares @ $227.52$1,023,840.005/6/2024$233.58right arrow
ELF e.l.f. BeautyTarang Amin CEOSell23,519 shares @ $163.70$3,850,060.305/6/2024$170.44right arrow
ELVN Enliven TherapeuticsAnish Patel COOSell4,875 shares @ $22.72$110,760.005/6/2024$23.90right arrow
EMN Eastman ChemicalMark J Costa CEOSell102,390 shares @ $100.78$10,318,864.205/7/2024$101.09right arrow
EPRT Essential Properties Realty TrustStephen D Sautel DirectorSell25,000 shares @ $27.09$677,250.005/6/2024$27.12right arrow
FCN FTI ConsultingGerard E Holthaus DirectorSell1,492 shares @ $221.14$329,940.885/7/2024$218.36right arrow
FORM FormFactorSheri Rhodes DirectorSell13,319 shares @ $56.02$746,130.385/7/2024$56.65right arrow
FORM FormFactorShai Shahar CFOSell6,094 shares @ $55.76$339,801.445/7/2024$56.65right arrow
HAE HaemoneticsAnila Lingamneni EVPSell2,305 shares @ $95.00$218,975.005/6/2024$92.60right arrow
HCA HCA HealthcareMichael S Cuffe EVPSell1,600 shares @ $309.00$494,400.005/6/2024$321.90right arrow
HLX Helix Energy Solutions GroupScott Andrew Sparks COOSell12,000 shares @ $11.44$137,280.005/7/2024$11.56right arrow
HOOD Robinhood MarketsVladimir Tenev CEOSell250,000 shares @ $17.93$4,482,500.005/6/2024$17.30right arrow
IRM Iron MountainWendy J Murdock DirectorSell3,547 shares @ $77.60$275,247.205/7/2024$79.60right arrow
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co.Ashley Bacon InsiderSell5,086 shares @ $193.64$984,853.045/8/2024$197.50right arrow
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co.Mary E Erdoes CEOSell15,895 shares @ $193.66$3,078,225.705/8/2024$197.50right arrow
KHC Kraft HeinzLande Rashida La InsiderSell10,140 shares @ $35.95$364,533.005/6/2024$35.71right arrow
LAUR Laureate EducationIan Kendell Snow DirectorSell2,114,928 shares @ $14.64$30,962,545.925/6/2024$16.32right arrow
LMAT LeMaitre VascularDavid B Roberts DirectorSell5,025 shares @ $75.62$379,990.505/6/2024$76.00right arrow
LMAT LeMaitre VascularGeorge W Lemaitre CEOSell68,906 shares @ $75.70$5,216,184.205/6/2024$76.00right arrow
LMAT LeMaitre VascularGeorge W Lemaitre CEOSell8,000 shares @ $75.30$602,400.005/8/2024$76.00right arrow
LWAY Lifeway FoodsLudmila Smolyansky Major ShareholderSell5,000 shares @ $26.78$133,900.005/6/2024$27.31right arrow
MA MastercardSandra A Arkell InsiderSell300 shares @ $447.23$134,169.005/6/2024$455.49right arrow
MA MastercardSandra A Arkell InsiderSell300 shares @ $454.00$136,200.005/8/2024$455.49right arrow
MU Micron TechnologyManish H Bhatia EVPSell53,317 shares @ $119.18$6,354,320.065/6/2024$117.81right arrow
NET CloudflareMatthew Prince CEOSell52,384 shares @ $74.67$3,911,513.285/6/2024$73.34right arrow
NET CloudflareMatthew Prince CEOSell52,384 shares @ $72.51$3,798,363.845/8/2024$73.34right arrow
NKE NIKEMonique S Matheson EVPSell45,000 shares @ $94.16$4,237,200.005/7/2024$93.39right arrow
NSSC Napco Security TechnologiesRichard Soloway CEOSell250,000 shares @ $44.20$11,050,000.005/8/2024$44.63right arrow
NUVL NuvalentMatthew Shair DirectorSell37,500 shares @ $69.48$2,605,500.005/6/2024$67.52right arrow
OFG OFG BancorpGanesh Kumar InsiderSell20,074 shares @ $38.00$762,812.005/6/2024$38.14right arrow
OFG OFG BancorpGanesh Kumar InsiderSell6,695 shares @ $37.93$253,941.355/8/2024$38.14right arrow
OMF OneMainDouglas H Shulman CEOSell19,000 shares @ $51.37$976,030.005/8/2024$51.26right arrow
ORCL OracleMichael J Boskin DirectorSell45,000 shares @ $117.74$5,298,300.005/7/2024$116.57right arrow
OTIS Otis WorldwidePeiming Zheng EVPSell30,364 shares @ $93.69$2,844,803.165/7/2024$96.13right arrow
PANW Palo Alto NetworksLee Klarich EVPSell121,276 shares @ $299.60$36,334,289.605/6/2024$295.67right arrow
PATH UiPathAshim Gupta CFOSell40,000 shares @ $19.79$791,600.005/6/2024$19.39right arrow
PG Procter & GambleGary A Coombe CEOSell21,388 shares @ $164.98$3,528,592.245/7/2024$166.04right arrow
PLXS PlexusSteven J Frisch InsiderSell2,554 shares @ $106.12$271,030.485/6/2024$107.43right arrow
PNC The PNC Financial Services GroupRichard Kevin Bynum EVPSell850 shares @ $155.87$132,489.505/7/2024$157.12right arrow
POST PostNicolas Catoggio CEOSell1,500 shares @ $105.62$158,430.005/7/2024$105.67right arrow
QLYS QualysJoo Mi Kim CFOSell928 shares @ $167.97$155,876.165/6/2024$151.87right arrow
QSR Restaurant Brands InternationalJoshua Kobza CEOSell246,196 shares @ $75.17$18,506,553.325/6/2024$73.60right arrow
RMBS RambusEric B Stang DirectorSell5,408 shares @ $56.95$307,985.605/7/2024$55.92right arrow
SentinelOneTomer Weingarten CEOSell10,165 shares @ $21.26$216,107.905/6/2024$21.21right arrow
SCHW Charles SchwabCarolyn Schwab-Pomerantz DirectorSell13,113 shares @ $76.38$1,001,570.945/6/2024$75.44right arrow
SCHW Charles SchwabCharles R Schwab ChairmanSell66,225 shares @ $75.51$5,000,649.755/3/2024$75.44right arrow
SCHW Charles SchwabCharles R Schwab ChairmanSell65,790 shares @ $76.40$5,026,356.005/6/2024$75.44right arrow
SFM Sprouts Farmers MarketBrandon F Lombardi InsiderSell5,174 shares @ $74.97$387,894.785/6/2024$74.59right arrow
SFM Sprouts Farmers MarketNicholas Konat COOSell31,000 shares @ $74.14$2,298,340.005/8/2024$74.59right arrow
SLP Simulations PlusDaniel L Weiner DirectorSell3,250 shares @ $48.31$157,007.505/7/2024$48.34right arrow
SPT Sprout SocialJustyn Russell Howard CEOSell20,000 shares @ $28.50$570,000.005/6/2024$28.49right arrow
STX Seagate TechnologyJohn Christopher Morris SVPSell11,158 shares @ $90.00$1,004,220.005/7/2024$91.67right arrow
THG The Hanover Insurance GroupWillard T Lee EVPSell1,000 shares @ $135.94$135,940.005/7/2024$135.87right arrow
TMDX TransMedics GroupWaleed H Hassanein CEOSell30,000 shares @ $130.07$3,902,100.005/6/2024$128.77right arrow
TMDX TransMedics GroupNicholas Corcoran InsiderSell3,222 shares @ $129.91$418,570.025/6/2024$128.77right arrow
TMDX TransMedics GroupStephen Gordon CFOSell15,000 shares @ $128.00$1,920,000.005/6/2024$128.77right arrow
TMDX TransMedics GroupEdward M Basile DirectorSell7,157 shares @ $129.98$930,266.865/7/2024$128.77right arrow
TW Tradeweb MarketsScott Zucker InsiderSell2,517 shares @ $110.56$278,279.525/7/2024$113.32right arrow
VTR VentasRobert F Probst CFOSell18,500 shares @ $47.11$871,535.005/7/2024$47.55right arrow
WayfairSteven Conine InsiderSell10,000 shares @ $68.26$682,600.005/7/2024$72.94right arrow
WD Walker & DunlopPaula A Pryor EVPSell4,533 shares @ $97.33$441,196.895/6/2024$97.82right arrow
WKC World KinectKen Bakshi DirectorSell10,936 shares @ $24.07$263,229.525/6/2024$24.75right arrow
WLDN Willdan GroupFund L.P. Forager Major ShareholderSell10,830 shares @ $32.84$355,657.205/6/2024$34.40right arrow
WLDN Willdan GroupFund L.P. Forager Major ShareholderSell5,707 shares @ $33.01$188,388.075/8/2024$34.40right arrow
ZM Zoom Video CommunicationsEric S Yuan CEOSell2,420 shares @ $61.82$149,604.405/6/2024$61.13right arrow
ZWS Zurn Elkay Water SolutionsThomas Christopoul DirectorSell10,495 shares @ $32.11$336,994.455/6/2024$32.39right arrow

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Top Insider-Buying Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares PurchasedTotal Cost of Shares PurchasedNumber of Insider PurchasesNumber of Insiders BuyingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
ULS UL Solutions199,997$5,599,916.0066$36.56Moderate Buy$40.30right arrow
YORW York Water364$12,626.0055$38.34$0.00right arrow
SHEN Shenandoah Telecommunications23,963$354,545.0055$17.10Moderate Buy$25.00right arrow
ED Consolidated Edison105$9,912.0055$98.12Reduce$88.46right arrow
HNVR Hanover Bancorp3,550$59,724.0075$16.11Buy$21.00right arrow
HXL Hexcel43,400$2,820,322.0055$73.28Hold$77.57right arrow
HI Hillenbrand6,537$278,193.0054$44.68Strong Buy$61.00right arrow
FFIN First Financial Bankshares3,943$119,986.0054$31.07Hold$31.33right arrow
ABEO Abeona Therapeutics31,758$102,237.0044$4.45Buy$36.00right arrow
AUBN Auburn National Bancorporation10,206$179,855.0044$19.01$0.00right arrow

Top Insider-Selling Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares SoldTotal Cost of Shares SoldNumber of Insider SalesNumber of Insiders SellingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
CVNA Carvana485,966$48,977,144.00148$120.41Hold$77.60right arrow
PHR Phreesia12,527$286,488.0097$21.96Moderate Buy$31.62right arrow
SCHW Charles Schwab463,393$34,504,899.00147$75.44Hold$74.47right arrow
PI Impinj65,687$9,756,829.00106$158.49Moderate Buy$132.89right arrow
IBTA iShares iBonds Dec 2021 Term Treasury ETF1,819,289$160,097,432.0066$98.57N/A$0.00right arrow
NTRA Natera101,500$9,254,913.00116$95.55Buy$86.40right arrow
CRM Salesforce227,181$63,208,919.00226$275.17Moderate Buy$310.61right arrow
ELVN Enliven Therapeutics197,004$4,640,388.00116$23.90Buy$34.00right arrow
GBX Greenbrier Companies40,176$2,104,013.0066$53.32Hold$54.00right arrow
APOG Apogee Enterprises77,252$4,786,214.0076$65.86$50.00right arrow

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