VC legend's new bet

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VC Legend's New Bet

Alex Moschina

Alex Moschina

In 1999, a little-known VC firm called Sutter Hill made a daring bet on a small graphics card company called Nvidia.

That early investment turned into a 100,000%+ grand slam today.


Now, Sutter Hill is making another big bet.

They've just taken a 12.6% stake in a tiny AI startup.


Because this company has created THE critical technology that makes next-gen AI possible.

Its innovation is so important that tech titans like Microsoft, Amazon, and yes, Nvidia, are all rushing to partner with it.

This obscure company's revenue is already surging, but that may just be a drop in the bucket.

As demand for its unique AI solution skyrockets, sales could soar as high as 4,735% in the next year alone.

And here's the kicker...

Almost no one on Main Street has heard of this company.

But that could change overnight.

A major announcement is brewing that could catapult this firm to the forefront of the AI revolution... and potentially deliver Nvidia-like returns to early investors.

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