Why is this fossil fuels fan recommending a solar power company?

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Dear Investor,

The Biden Administration is spending hundreds of billions of dollars and imposing a multitude of regulations that are driving a boom in renewable energy - especially solar.

The President's goal is for 80% of U.S. energy production to be clean and renewable by 2030.

It's an ambitious and probably unreachable goal, considering that renewable energy sources - solar, wind and hydro - currently generate a mere 22.5% of America's electricity.

In any case, I expect to see massive growth ahead, and that could mean good times for select stocks in the sector and investors who buy them now.

And I'm not alone. A who's who of billionaires and private equity investors have already invested more than $50 billion in the sector.

I'm especially impressed with a 10-year-old company that's perfectly positioned to take advantage of the solar boom.

Why I'm so Impressed

The company has developed more than 1,000 solar projects and has built more than 100 solar power plants over the last 10 years.

Its impressive résumé of projects has helped it build a solid reputation in the solar power industry.

Furthermore, Energy Business Review named it one of  the "Top Ten Renewable Energy Solutions Providers in Canada" for 2023.

And now, thanks to soaring demand for the company's expertise, it is sitting on a pipeline of projects that could drive significant growth in the years ahead.

This includes a new $41 million solar power project its building for Honeywell International, the $135 billion Fortune 100 behemoth.

As I mentioned, this solar boom is largely driven by government spending and mandates that - like it or not - are forcing a transition to renewable energy.

Over the last three years, the President has allocated $611 billion to force Americans to switch to renewable energy for heat, electricity and driving.

Meanwhile, 30 states have passed mandates that require utilities use an increasing percentage of renewable energy.

And this solar company is likely to be called upon to provide a portion of that energy.

Grab Your Piece of 
the Solar Power Boom

That's why I urge you to consider discussing with your investment advisor about adding this solar company to your investment portfolio now while its stock is still under the radar of most investors. 

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