Your Midday Notable Earnings Report (May 11)

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Open Email...Your Midday Report Inside…(Earnings Dates for Next Trading Day)
Your Midday Notable Earnings Report


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Dear Fellow Trader,
I hope you are having a great Saturday! I am sending you the list of major stocks reporting Earnings before the market opens on the next trading day. So you can have enough time to trade Pre-Earnings strategy or hedge your existing position(s) before they report Earnings. It also includes '% Predicted Volatility After Earnings Announcement'.

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Symbol CompanyEarning DatePredicted Volatility *
BKKT05/14 before 8%
SE05/14 before 7%
SONY05/14 before 4%
BABA05/14 before 4%
OCGN05/14 before 4%
HD05/14 before 2%
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sun Before Market Opensun After Market Close

*Predicted Volatility % based on our Proprietary Volatility Predication Model. We are expecting that stock price will likely to reach % in either direction by the end of next trading session after Earnings are released and not necessarily the closing volatility %.

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How to use Predicted Volatility in your trading strategies:
Options Trading - You can use Volatility Rush strategies (buying straddle three weeks before earnings dates) for stocks which have more than 5% predicted volatility. Please click on Volatility Rush Trading Strategy to learn more about it. You can use Volatility Crush trading strategy for major stocks with Predicted Volatility less than 4%. Please click on Volatility Crush Strategy to learn more about it.You can use Ride-the-Wave to targets multi-day price momentum following a company's earnings announcement (EA). Please click on Ride-the-Wave Strategy to learn more about it.
Stock Trading - If you're a stock trader or portfolio manager, you want to avoid an unexpected loss based on a surprise negative earnings announcement (you don't want to wake up on the morning of an earnings announcement and see your portfolio down by 10 percent or more).
The key to avoiding this kind of loss is knowing a stock's historical earnings-related volatility well before it announces earnings. Armed with that knowledge, you'll have enough time to design a hedging strategy that will protect you from a big drop caused by a negative earnings announcement.
I hope this "Upcoming Notable Earnings" report is adding value to your trading/investing strategies. Would you also like to receive a "Post Notable Earnings" report in your inbox daily? If yes, Sign Up for our "Daily Options Signals" newsletter and receive "Post Notable Earnings" in the morning. Click Here to Signup automatically. It is FREE!
At StockEarnings, we're really excited to help you trade more confidently. To that end, we're constantly developing new content to go alongside our platform insights, which will further our mission to help you become a better trader.
To your trading success,
Hiral Ghelani
Founder & CEO
StockEarnings, Inc
33 SE 4th St, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33432 USA
W: 877.6.STOCKS (Mon to Sat | 9am to 5pm EST | Feel Free to Call Us)
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