Your Post-Notable Earnings Report (May 16)

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Open Email...Your Morning Report Inside…Post Earnings for Major Stocks
Your Notable Earnings Report


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Dear Reader,
I hope you are having a great Thursday! I am sending you the list of major stocks which reported Earnings a few days ago with Earnings Surprise (to help you find Post-Earnings trading and/or investing opportunities).

The Best Communications Stock to Watch in 2024 (ad)**
With a track record as a pioneer in the industry and with solutions catering to various uses in areas with and without strong cellular coverage. A Game-Changer in Mission Critical Push to Talk Over Cellular Technology! Click here to get the Ticker Symbol

Symbol CompanyEarning DateEPS Surprise %
INFN05/14 before -43.75%
SE05/14 before -150.00%
BABA05/14 before 14.13%
SONY05/14 before 25.30%
OCGN05/14 before 16.67%
HD05/14 before 0.55%
GOEV05/14 After -126.80%
INFN05/13 before %
PSFE05/13 before 9.76%
ANY05/13 before 39.13%
HUYA05/13 before 33.33%
INO05/13 before -21.30%
VXRT05/13 before 12.50%
ATOS05/13 before 28.57%
PBR05/13 before -10.71%
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sun Before Market Opensun After Market Close

This company is developing drugs that don't rely on immune systems… (ad)*
Looks well-positioned to be a market disruptor with nontoxic, effective antiviral therapies Click here to get the Ticker Symbol

How to use EPS Surprice in your Post-Earnings trading strategies:
Options Trading - if you are an Options trader, you can use the Ride-the-Wave strategy (to target multi-day price momentum following a company's earnings announcement) or the Price Reversal strategy (to target the reversal of next-day big price movement). Please click on Ride-the-Wave Strategy to learn more about it.
Stock Trading - If you're a stock trader/investor or portfolio manager, you may want to consider adjusting your positiosn based on a EPS surprise reported by the company.

What's in store for biotech in 2024? Perhaps a lot of good! (ad)*
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At Daily Options Signals, we're really excited to help you trade more confidently. To that end, we're constantly developing new content to go alongside our platform insights, which will further our mission to help you become a better trader.
To your trading success,
Support Team
Daily Options Signals
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