Zacks Small Cap Research Issued a STRONG BUY Rating on this Green Energy Company!

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Out to dominate the lithium-ion battery market!................................................................................


As the lithium rush continues, this small-cap NASDAQ-traded company may be one of the brightest and most promising companies to be watching closely!

The race is on to wean off of Chinese lithium and all eyes are on which domestic companies will win the race…. One U.S.-based company is setting out to dominate the lithium-ion battery market with its consumer brand of batteries, Battle Born Batteries.  Celebrities, including Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison, are standing behind the company's batteries which are anticipated to play a pivotal role in the future of clean, reliable, and sustainable energy storage. "They worked as they said they work! A fact that is rare for many companies!" Rick Harrison stated.

With the race to find the perfect battery for EV applications, the industry has neglected the much more critical need for storage solutions. The more EVs that are brought to market that charge daily from the grid, combined with increased technology in today's culture, the more increased power demands begin to stress an already antiquated power grid. The company has identified this need to support the grid by enabling more renewable energy resources. And due to the intermittency of those resources, this means storage. 

With a massive market opportunity, proven profitability, and as a powerhouse in domestic manufacturing, it may be easy to see why Zack's Small Cap Research has a "STRONG BUY" on the stock currently!

Learn how this American company is leading the lithium-ion revolution and how it's addressing a massive $85 billion market opportunity.

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