Energy Bailout: How Renewables Kept Texas Running in a Heat Wave

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Energy Bailout: How Renewables Kept Texas Running in a Heat Wave

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Adam O'Dell,
Chief Investment Strategist

It’s hot out there!

It’s almost always warm and muggy where I live in Florida.

But my colleague and Green Zone Fortunes co-editor, Charles Sizemore, is in Texas where he says it’s just about unbearable as the thermometer tops 100 degrees almost daily.

Texas’ energy grid is under a lot of stress while it keeps homes cool. Energy demand in Texas even topped 2019’s record and surpassed 75 gigawatts of output last week.

That’s enough wattage to power 56 million homes!

And renewable energy was there to meet the demand.

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Stimulus Caused Inflation — But There's Hope for the Private Sector

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Michael Carr,
Editor, True Options Masters

Government officials in Washington D.C. argue over anything — even the color of the sky.

So it’s significant when they do agree.

Right now, there’s consensus on one issue: Inflation is too high.

Take a look at today’s chart to understand inflation’s impact, measured against the average family.

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