The bulls came back from the long weekend

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June 21, 2022

The bulls came back from the long weekend with some energy. The major indices gapped up 1.5% - 1.7% at the open Tuesday. All 3 managed to deliver some follow-through the first 90 minutes of the day. At that point, all 3 began trading sideways until the bulls stepped back in again about 2:45 pm to push to new highs with 30 minutes left in the session.

This action has created a Morning Star type signal in the SPY and DIA. Meanwhile, the QQQ followed up Friday's Bullish Harami with a gap-up white candle that tested and failed its T-line (8ema). It is worth noting that this action all happened on lower-than-normal volume and that the T2122 ratio has popped up into the mid-range (out of the oversold territory). 10-year bonds and Oil (WTI) were also both up on the day.

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