✉ Jeff Bezos "unfair" playbook could 49X your money | June 4, 2022

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Dear Reader,

Jeff Bezos is on a hot streak.

He recently cut six private deals…

Which handed him as much as $2.5 billion in pure profit…
With peak gains as high as 2,066%.

These deals are so one-sided…

Even Amazon's own executives have called them "unfair."


Because Bezos has discovered a way to FORCE his investments to go up.

And he's taking full advantage.

Right now, he's preparing Deal #7 — which could be his biggest deal to date.

And while the previous six deals were off-limits for average investors…

Dave Forest has uncovered a "backdoor" way to jump into Deal #7.

All it takes is a regular brokerage account…

And as little as $3 to get started.

But the window of opportunity is closing fast.

If you want a chance to invest alongside a bonafide billionaire…

For the potential to 49X your money over the next 12 months…

You have to act TODAY.

Click here for the full story.


Rachel Bodden
Managing Editor, Casey Research

P.S. You'll be amazed to discover how Bezos FORCES his investments to go up. It's brilliant. And just $3 could get you into his next deal. Click here…
Savage Investing Secrets
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