This book builds family fortunes | 04.06

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How'd they do it? 
Jeff Bezos is worth more than $150 billion dollars today.

Yet John D. Rockefeller was worth DOUBLE that — about $343 billion according to Bloomberg.

Even more impressive, the Rockefellers mastered how to keep and grow their wealth.

The Rockefeller fortune still supports 200 family members 6 generations later...

While the Vanderbilts and other wealthy families from the same era squandered their wealth.

How'd they do it?

The Rockefellers used billionaire financial engines to…

Grow their wealth no matter what the markets do…

Protect their wealth from taxes, lawsuits and financial predators...

And pass on their fortune tax-free from generation to generation.

Today, you don't have to be a billionaire or millionaire to use these financial engines in your own life.

There's a new book that shows you how to create generational wealth just like the Rockefellers...

So that your wealth grows consistently no matter what the market does, is passed on tax-free to the next generation, and even acts as a family bank so your kids (and their kids) may never have to take out a student loan or mortgage again.

What are these billionaire financial engines?

Tap here to find out.

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