The Most Extreme Trading Technique Ever!

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Exciting details inside

Would you like to find a technique that can double your money in a week? Are you willing to lose 50% in the same time period?

OK, how about making 20% in a week but risking 10%?

OK, how about just making a lot more than what you are now?

So what is this extreme trading technique?

It's called the Kelly Formula.

And it is not really a trading technique but really a risk management technique! It turns risk management from a defensive method to an offensive method!

I rarely teach it because it is so extreme. Most people can't handle it. Oddly, they often can't handle making a lot of money!

So what is the Kelly Formula?

It is a simple formula to calculate your trade size.

I nearly always teach a risk management technique called Fixed Fractional. It's called that because each trade risks a fixed fraction of your portfolio. So, for example, you might risk 1% of your equity in each trade.

Fixed fractional is the best balance between risk and reward. Kelly is not about a balance, it is about maximizing profit.

Note that is a very different objective.

The Kelly Formula is actually very simply though there are some nuances to creating it and using it.

Seven years ago I taught it to a small group of select students who were trading futures and forex and CFDs.

I've decided to teach it now, for the first time ever, on using it in the stock market.

I'm going to be posting the lessons on the Wealthbuilder Insider membership program.

Oh, people paid $6000 to attend the Extreme Profits course I taught 7 years ago. That is how powerful this technique is.

I'll tell you more about the technique over the next several days.

In the meantime, click here to learn more about the Wealthbuilder Insider program so you can learn the Kelly Formula.


Good extreme trading,

Courtney Smith


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