The Fed is coming (are you ready?)

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Here's what to expect from the markets

Hey Traders,

Well, everyone's attention is turning to the Federal Reserve, which is starting its two-day meetings today.

The rate hike we'll hear about tomorrow is pretty much a given at this point. We know a big hike is coming.

What becomes more important, from a market perspective, is how Powell will talk about the rate hike: is it one step in a longer, much more painful process? Or will he start to sound more dovish and give investors hope?

Let's talk about it:


The truth is, big market shocks like this are a great time to set up my Trojan Horse trade which captures major shifts in either direction.

I keep preaching about it because it keeps working. And my job is to show you what's working.

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Don't sweat tomorrow's headlines too much. Either way the market moves, we'll be ready.

Trade well,



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