Quarterly Update: A Radical Explanation for Today’s Chaos

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Quarterly Update: A Radical Explanation for Today’s Chaos

Dear Louis,

Today, we have our latest quarterly update for subscribers. Historically, we have reserved these quarterly notes for members of Brownstone Unlimited, our most elite level of membership.

But given the current market volatility, I have made the decision to “unlock” these updates to all subscribers while we work through this volatility.

In these updates, I’ll share my unfiltered thoughts on markets and the economy.

And today, I’d like us to consider a potentially provocative idea: What if it’s all connected?

The seemingly purposeful effort to usher in a global recession, the proxy war in Ukraine, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act”, and most recently an enlarged all-out economic war with mainland China; what if it’s part of a larger game being played at the highest level?

Access my full analysis by clicking the link below.


Jeff Brown
Founder, Brownstone Research

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