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Zacks Member,

Despite worries about interest rates and inflation following us into the new year, there is reason for optimism. That's because the 4-year Presidential Cycle shows that year 3 (that's 2023) is the best year of all four years.

There will be winning stocks. But with the current uncertainty, there will also be losers. I want to make sure you have a sound strategy to uncover the best stocks.

For starters, you've been selected to receive my hardbound 300-page book, Finding #1 Stocks, free. I'll even cover the shipping.

It discloses the formulas for Zacks' most successful stock-picking strategies for not only meeting market gains, but greatly exceeding them.

For example, while the S&P lost -18.2% in 2022, our stock-picking strategies actually produced gains up to +15.6%, +38.9%, and +39.7%

What's more, the book accompanies our online Zacks Method for Trading Home Study Course which lets you quickly access the latest stocks from those strategies.

To sum up:

1. Finding #1 Stocks reveals just about every insider tip I know from the market-beating Zacks Rank system.
2. The fun, interactive course makes it easy to put them into effect - in your own home, at your own pace, without attending a single class or seminar.

Important: We only have so many books in our inventory . . .

This chance to get a complimentary bonus copy of Finding #1 Stocks ends no later than Tuesday, January 24.


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