Buffett’s big bet (fade the snowflakes) | 9 February

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Here is an interesting offer from our partners:


The world's best stock picker just placed his next big bet.

Warren Buffett recently increased his stake in a company progressives want to kill to 21%.

And he's not done yet.

Buffett has been granted approval to buy up to 50% of available stock, and analysts believe he will eventually make a bid to purchase the entire company.

So why would history's greatest investor go all in  on a business the mainstream media and political elites are trying to convince you is doomed?

Because this business isn't dying.

In fact, it's about to boom like never before. And Buffett is quietly positioning himself to cash in.

Just how big of a bet are we talking? 

Buffett's total cost basis for Coca-Cola was $1.3 billion. And he started buying Apple in 2016 and bought $6.7 billion that year. Coca-Cola and Apple are right at the top of his signature stock picks and best performers.

His investment in this "dying" business for the past year?

Over $29 billion.

My name is Porter Stansberry. I'm the founder of one of the world's largest financial research firms.

Let me ask you a question: When history's most successful investor thumbs his nose at the woke establishment and makes his biggest stock bet ever over a 12-month period...

You think there's a good stock story here? 

I sure do.

That's why I've spent the last two years researching Buffett's big bet... along with the near-term catalyst event that could send his shares into the stratosphere (and certain progressive politicians into hiding!)

You're going to want to see this. What I've uncovered will astound you:

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In the video, about halfway through, I reveal a way you could follow in Buffett's footsteps and position yourself for 10-50x returns on a trade I've dubbed "Mass Mayhem".

Do yourself a favor: Before it's taken offline - which could happen at any time - check out my latest exposé.

I name names in this presentation.

And I've seen in the past just how far powerful people will go to silence me!

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