China’s $54 million payout to Biden Center home

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Woah... check out this note from our friends at Monument Traders Alliance. What they've uncovered – and how it could affect your money – is shocking to say the least.

(Especially after the China balloon debacle last week.)

- Alex Moschina, Associate Publisher

China's $54 million payout to Biden Center home

Dear Reader,

Uncovered public records just revealed something disturbing...

China has given over $54 Million in gifts to UPenn since the creation of the Penn Biden Center...

Click to Play the video.

The very same place where Joe Biden was caught stashing top-secret classified documents...

But this outrageous donation from a communist country is NOTHING compared to...

China's ploy against America.

Legendary global finance expert Karim Rahemtulla just exposed this sinister plot happening in plain sight...

And even revealed the #1 thing you should do to protect (and potentially grow) your money...

All in this shocking presentation that you NEED to watch today!

Yours in smart speculation,

Ryan Fitzwater Signature

Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher
Monument Traders Alliance

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