Zacks Trade tools designed to trade anywhere you are

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Use our full-featured Zacks Trade Pro or trade with our app.
Zacks | Our Research. Your Success.

Use the Zacks Trade platform that fits your style

With Zacks Trade, you've got options for your options (not to mention your equities and other trades).

Your Zacks Trade home base
Get to know our Client Portal

Every Zacks Trade account includes access to your own Client Portal, where you can manage simple trades, access account documents and balances, manage account settings and more, from your web browser.

Want more?
You're in command with Zacks Trade Pro

Our robust flagship platform has all the functionality for more complex trades, with a customizable interface so you can define your personalized view.

Making market moves on the go?
Trade with the Zacks Trade app for phone or tablet

Don't sacrifice functionality for mobility. The Zacks Trade app lets you enter and manage orders, view executions, monitor your portfolio and account balances, and much more on your mobile device.

Ready to trade your way?

Have questions? Contact us today by phone at 888-979-2257 or email at support@zackstrade.com.


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