First it was Georgia. Now, it’s Alabama. Which state is next?

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A secret energy grid now exists in 28 states across America.

Experts say it is the “best climate change solution we have – by far.”

With the potential to power 100% of the country and make oil, gas, coal, solar and wind – obsolete.

This is something you’ll never hear from the mainstream media though… because they don’t want you to know this power grid is all our country needs to be 100% energy independent. 

No solar panels, no wind turbines – nothing the elites have spent years telling us is the only solution.

Now, thanks to a single decision made on February 21, 2023… the energy being produced by this grid has become scalable and is spreading everywhere.

Last month, it spread to Georgia where it is expected to power one million homes throughout the state. On June 21, 2023, it spread to Alabama.

And now one company has even been contracted to bring this secret grid to the U.S. military where it will be used to power ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers.

In this new exposé I explore the company at the heart of this massive undertaking… and reveal how it could make early investors outsized returns in the months and years to come.

Check it out here…

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