[Premium Alert] Very Urgent Technical Breakout Triggered (CBIA) Stock Soaring

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(CBIA) Triggered Incredible Technical Breakout Must Open Now

[PREMIUM ALERT] Canopus Biopharma Inc. (Ticker: CBIA)

Urgent Update - Technical Breakout Causing Stock To Soar!

10XProTrader Member,

This is Kevin Vander with a very urgent update regarding my incredible new Premium Alert for today (CBIA).

(CBIA) closed yesterday at $.0029 and it hit a staggering high of $.008 clocking double-digit gains early this morning.

Attention: Look very closely at the bullish technical trend that is happening now!

(CBIA) is looking very strong right now considering the market just opened 1 hour ago. We have a many hours of trading left in the day.

The Pivot Point 1st Resistance - $.0033 = Smashed Through This Level...

The Pivot Point 2nd Level Resistance - $.0036 = Smashed Through This Level...

The Pivot Point 3rd Level Resistance - $.0044 = Smashed Through This Level...

As stated above (CBIA) smashed through all of the prior "3" resistant points triggering the stock to soar!

The stock hit a high of $.008 and the 1 - Month High is $.0088.

According to barchart.com the next crucial resistance point for (CBIA) is the 13 - Week High of $.11

This surge in volume created a bullish uptick in the price of CBIA. The stock is now creating higher lows, and higher highs.

I'm urging all of my 10X community to put CBIA on the top of their watchlist heading into today's trading session.

10X Your Wealth,

Kevin Vander
Publisher, 10XProTrader.com Investment Research

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